From Marvelous Melting Branding to Manly Man Desserts

 - Oct 15, 2011
Marketers working in the food industry know just how important packaging design is to the product's sale, and dessert branding is no different. Whether it's ice cream, candy, cakes or other sweet treats, having innovative and eye-catching packaging can mean the difference between a customer choosing your confection over another brand's dessert (assuming your sweet treat tastes just as good as the competition's).

This collection of innovative dessert branding ideas includes a range of designs, from those that are deliciously cute to others that are sweetly eccentric. Regardless, these examples of dessert packaging innovations are enough to get your mouth watering. From candy stripe snack packaging and inaugural ice cream to succulent sustainable packaging and cutesy confection branding, these dessert branding ideas are definitely something to look at if you're in the business of marketing desserts.