- Nov 11, 2008
Rarely does TrendHunter.com cover music, but David Archuleta is a name worth mentioning. The 17-year-old American Idol finalist has caused so much buzz in the media this week, we can’t not mention him.

Tween and teen girls adore him, yet while some media outlets herald his upbeat, teenie-bopper, hand-holding tunes, others report David Archuleta left them flat.

This is precisely why we steer away from covering artists, but once in a while, a singer creeps onto the radar that truly is doing something cutting edge, or pioneering a new scene like young David Archuleta.

The slideshow below highlights some of the best music innovations we’ve seen, from free albums to bizarre or user-generated music videos.

From Digital Albums to Tween Idol David Archuleta: