Alesha Serenades a Ford Focus

 - Feb 8, 2008
References: motortrader
Brands have been sponsoring music videos and movies to promote their products for a long time. These days there is hardly a new video that doesn't contain blatant shots of a new phone model, a soft drink or computer brand. But in a somewhat uncoventional move, Alesha Dixon, the former Mis-Teeq singer and winner of Strictly Come Dancing, just released an internet-only music video for her track 'For You I Will' that basically serves as a complete Ford Focus commercial.

Created by the branded content agency Cake, the video shows Alesha serenading the new Focus car and features an orchestra playing instruments created from car parts. In total 21 parts were taken from a new Ford Focus and turned into musical instruments, including a clutch guitar, door harp, fender bass, transmission case cello and hatchback kick drum.

Mark Whelan, the creative director at Cake, said: "I like the idea of taking elements of a TV ad and remixing them into a music promo." While a Ford spokesman said that the video was to “celebrate” the car. I am sure by celebrate he meant "advertise".

I personally hate the in-your-face advertising in traditional movies and music videos, but I don't mind a video like this that is released especially for this purpose on the Internet. I look at it as an 'extra'.