9 Year Old Singer Was A Phony

 - Aug 12, 2008
References: telegraph & news.bbc
This trend of faking things in the Beijing Olympic 2008 games really bothers me. After finding out that the opening ceremony's fireworks display was faked, it turns out that Lin Miaoke, the 9 year-old little girl who sang "Ode to the Motherland" was actually miming and lip syncing.

What makes things worse is the 'excuse'. It's not because the girl was doing flips or dancing a la western pop starlets who often lip sync in concerts. The reason is because the real singer, 7 year-old Yang Peiyi, was not considered cute or 'flawless' enough to appear.

According to the show's musical director, the 'cute' Lin was used because, "The main consideration was the national interest. The child on the screen should be flawless in image, in her internal feelings, and in her expression."

May I remind you that we are talking about little girls? To deprive a talented girl from her moment to shine in front of the whole world because she's not considered cute enough is just wrong.

The essence of the Olympic games is the true excellence of the human achievement. By trying to force things to deceivingly look 'perfect', China has ruined the spirit of the Olympics.

If we follow this twisted logic, we should allow athletes to take performance enhancing drugs. After all, it would make their performance more 'flawless' and 'perfect'...