Apple Mac Music Video Ad

 - May 14, 2008
References: arabaquarius.blogspot
The tech blogosphere has been fascinated by this cleverly edited video by digital filmmaker Dennis Liu. Essentially it's a music video for the song Again and Again by The Bird and the Bee using all sorts of cool software, utilities and programs running on an Apple Mac Leopard operating system.

There is no explicit acknowledgment, but the video looks like a sneaky promo for Apple, illustrating the use of Capture, Photo Booth, iChat, iTunes & iTunes Store, Microsoft Word for Mac, Stickies, Photoshop CS3, iPhoto, Fast User Switching, Mac OSX Zoom Tip, Finder, Spotlight, Quicktime Player, Stacks, Quick Look, Desktop, Screensaver, Dashboard, Dashcode, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Exposé, Time Machine, iMovie, Spaces, Windows Media Player for Mac, Flip4Mac, Flash CS3, VLC Media Player, Shake, Mplayer, DVD Studio Pro, Real Player, iDVD, Color, Screenflow, Cinematize, Safari and many more!

Furthermore, a click on the YouTube video more info reveals a long list of links to all these featured programs, just in case you wanted to download them...

If you like the song, you can watch the original music video for again and again here.

What do you think, is this a (not so) stealth ad for Apple, just like the recent Levi's viral?