From Celebrity Fairytale Photoshoots to Designer Muse Portraits

 - Aug 31, 2012
Annie Leibovitz captures encompass a wide range of genres, from fashion to social good Leibovitz has been a trailblazing photographer. As one of the most famed photographers of her time, Annie Leibovitz has captured some of the most influential, powerful and important people in the world. Her pictures are renowned and often featured in some of the most prestigious media outlets -- from Vanity Fair to Vogue and everything in between, you can bet that Leibovitz has been there, captured that.

One of her key skills has been to capture faces. The expressions upon them are entirely clear in the captures that Leibovitz puts forth -- her talent at connecting with the subject and drawing out the most stunning photos is entirely incredible. Like any great artist, she's had some controversies surrounding her work and her subjects, but has managed to stay on top of the game regardless.