From Bear-Faced Candy Branding to Cute Critter Branding

 - Jul 21, 2013
There are several different tactics used by marketers to attract consumers, and these adorably branded products are examples of how retailers are utilizing cute and cuddly themes as a way to connect with a buyer's emotional side.

With the variety of different products and retail brands on the shelves, designing a label that will instantly attract consumers is not an easy task. These adorably branded products however, have creatively utilized themes and images that will most likely make any person smile, including such things as puppies and cute cartoon characters. By incorporating child-like references into the design, these cleverly branded products are able to portray a much more innocent and relatable image that consumers will surely appreciate.

From fruit-topped lotion bottles to candy boxes shaped like panda bears, these adorably branded products will certainly provide that happy-go-lucky feeling that other brands lack.