'Babushka's Remedies' by Karina Korol Feature Grandma's Cure-Alls

 - Aug 9, 2010   Updated: Jun 15 2011
References: karinakorol & behance.net
'Babushka's Remedies' by Karina Korol is a clever packaging design for homeopathic home remedies for ailments like a cold, stuffy nose or hangover. Each little jar features the smiling face of a babushka on its lid, and the typographic labels illustrate what ails each jar will cure.

Karina Korol's 'Babushka's Remedies' design is an adorable way to promote homeopathic remedies; see more images of the jars above.

Implications - Due to increased media coverage regarding the manufacturing of health products, consumers are now very aware of chemicals they are ingesting unknowingly. These consumers now seek products and services that utilize minimal ingredients of natural descent to benefit their health. Companies can cater to health-conscious consumers by developing products from natural materials.