- Jan 21, 2013
These hangover aids are a much needed lifesaver for human culture. Hangover remedies and cures are pieces of knowledge that have been deeply sought after since humans stumbled upon the wonders of alcohol.

Some people swear by their hangover cures that have sometimes been passed down through generations, while others desperately and painfully seek them when it's too late. These tips and tricks have us extending sleeping schedules, ingesting greasy foods and hard-to-swallow pills and drinking unconventional concoctions with the hopes of bringing some kind of relief.

The products and services presented here are specifically marketed for hangovers. They include specially designed drinks, hangover clinics and informative infographics. There is no telling whether these ideas will work for you, but as any hangover sufferer will attest, they are certainly worth a shot -- or two.

Everyone knows deep down that abstinence from alcohol is the only sure-fire way to cure a hangover, but hopefully these hangover aids prevent it from ever coming to that.

From Hangover Clinics to Party-Ready Suitcases: