The Hangover Clinic is Here to Help Rid the World of Consequence

 - Jan 20, 2013
References: revivechicago & foodbeast
Chicago's hangover clinic might just make it harder to fulfill those healthy New Year's resolutions.

For a lot of people, the only thing holding them back from becoming full-blown alcoholics is the brutal hangover incurred next day. Well friends, this important natural consequence may be forever life-hacked.

The Revive Hydration Clinic is specially designed to rid those nasty hangovers and send you on your way (perhaps back to the bar) in an hour. They use a mixture of supplements like vitamins, medications and an IV. The Clinic doesn't discriminate either. It is willing to treat people with other ailments, such as colds, the flu, jet-lag and maybe even crankiness.

It's hard to say whether this hangover clinic is a positive thing in a world full of dangerous addictions. Like alcohol, use of the clinic is good in moderation.