The Delish Convenience Store Cures What Ales You

 - Oct 26, 2009   Updated: Jun 14 2011
References: mypbrand & adsoftheworld
For their new advertising campaign, the Delish convenience store has decided to exploit the hangover. One of the many reasons that people frequent convenience stores is to rid themselves of the morning after ailment that is the hangover.

The Delish convenience store offers up that they “have the cure for what ails,” providing quick, fast and friendly service, and are open twenty four hours a day.

Implications - Consumers in today's society are more likely to invest in a company's product or service with which they are able to forge a bond or connection. A product or service that is able to tap into the individual experiences of consumers is going to be much more successful than products to which consumer are unable to relate. Businesses will benefit by creating products that people can easily integrate into their lifestyles.