From Cinematic Dunk Ads to Spanking Sneaker Commercials

 - Dec 8, 2012
There's been a string of interesting Foot Locker commercials of late. The athletic wear retailer has really stepped up their advertising concepts by combining athletic performance with lifestyle appeal.

They've created commercials that've done well virally thanks to funny dialogue and spot on execution. The most recent ad involves Steve Smith and Cam Newton from the Carolina Panthers as Newton shows off his security system designed to protect his new Under Armour gear from Foot Locker. He explains that the "Cam Cam" stays on him at all times.

The Foot Locker commercials also boarder on parody at points, like in the cinematic dunk commercial where Kyrie Irving gets stuck in mid air while going up for a dunk. Referencing the classic basketball ads that show an NBAer slowly soaring through the air, Foot Locker flips the script and does it well.