From Androgynous Editorials to H&M Sibling Shoots

 - Jan 4, 2012
Dutch photographer duo Van Lamsweerde and Matadin have become famous for bringing their distinct sense of design and aesthetic architecture to all their work. Their use of color, space and angles give people a sense of wonderment and delicious eye candy that goes far beyond the product they are selling.

One of the most striking features of Van Lamsweerde and Matadin’s work is the running dichotomy present throughout. In the H&M Siblings campaign you see the similarities of siblings complimenting, yet pitted against each other. Their androgynous shoots harmoniously pit gender against each other as well.

"For us there’s always this sense of duality, there’s always a tension between the beautiful and the grotesque, the spiritual and the mundane, high fashion and low fashion, male and female," the two told the New York Times.