'Pretty Much Everything' Houses the Stunning Work of Lamsweerde and Matadin

Dutch photographer duo Ines Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin are two artists who have a shared vision of photography, fashion and culture, and 'Pretty Much Everything' is the first collection of their ravishing work. As its name implies, it features pretty much everything the duo have done over the last two decades, from campaigns for Givenchy to their portrait of Bjork.

The two photographers have become famous for bringing their distinct sense of design and aesthetic archictecture to all the work they've done. Their work ranges from ad campaigns to editorials and have been seen on the walls of museums. Pretty Much Everything houses 666 pieces and sells for $700.

There is a juxtaposition reoccurring through the artists' work too. While being interviewed for the New York Times, the duo stated, "We’re always trying to reinvent ourselves. For us there’s always this sense of duality, there’s always a tension between the beautiful and the grotesque, the spiritual and the mundane, high fashion and low fashion, male and female."