From Candy-Coated Skateboards to Rainbow Structures

 - Sep 22, 2011
A good handful of Skittles does not only sweeten one's day, but also adds an incredible range of color and energy, which is why these sweet Skittles adaptations continue to inspire thousands of people around the globe to playfully use the candy as a source of creation.

Lets start with the Skittles’ TV and print ads. Targeted towards a young audience, they are funny, entertaining and pretty interactive, mixing good doses of color and great design.

Skittles’ perfect, round shape and rainbow-bright colors are two essential characteristics that allow many creative minds to come up with the most candy-coated ideas. For example, iconic candy posters, illustrations and Skittles-flavored vodka are just a few delicious sweet Skittles adaptations. There is even a homemade Skittle dress!

The world needs more sweetness and color, so why not get your mind on sugar and start creating your own Skittle-inspired inventions?