The Skittles Fly Commercial Brings a Blender to Life

 - Mar 16, 2011
References: youtube & funnycommercialsworld
The Skittles Fly Commercial is a twisted tale of a man trying to set his old blender back into the wild. The appliance takes on the characteristics of an overly attached bird who doesn't want to fly away from it's home and keeps coming back to a man who's moved on.

In the Skittles Fly Commercial the man no longer needs his blender anymore because the new Skittles Blenders has flavors that have already been mixed and mashed together. Watch as he lovingly sets the blender out on its way, only to have it return and wreak havoc around the house. In a last ditch attempt to rid himself of the needy blender, the man chases it out with a broomstick.