Make Sparks Fly with the Fireplace Flame Coloring Kit

 - Sep 21, 2011
References: unitednuclear & neatorama
It is now possible to add a bit of flair to fire with the Fireplace Flame Coloring Kit from United Nuclear.

While the words "Fireplace Flame Coloring Kit" may sound questionable and possibly phony, the product is exactly as it sounds. This mad-scientist gear will actually add color to fire similar to the graphics portrayed in certain sections of Harry Potter. The real question is how this is done: all it takes is a little bit of science. The kit provides a dash of chemicals such as copper acetate and boric acid with some wood chips -- add a splash of water and you can easily raise an inferno of vibrant, colorful dancing flames.

The Fireplace Flame Coloring Kit will definitely make sitting around the campfire a lot more interesting for those bored of listening to the same horror stories time and time again.