- Oct 12, 2013
It's been a frenzy of fashion these past few weeks, with designers frantically preparing to show their Spring 2014 couture designs at a flurry of Fashion Weeks: London, New York and Paris.

A lot of these high-end fashions will have you lusting for Summer, even though it has just passed. Whether it's splashy Malibu Barbie-Inspired look books, Bondage-Infused Floral Fashions or Elegant Minimalism Catalogs, these skin-baring, pastel palette, ensembles are sure to have you dreaming of adding to your spring wardrobe.

But designers took all different sorts of routes with their collections; for instance, inspired by contemporary art, Karl Lagerfeld turned his models and the runway at the Chanel show in a modern art gallery. Meanwhile at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs announced his departure from the brand with an extravagant showgirl-Inspired farewell.

One thing is for sure: You certainly won't be bored with these eclectic Spring 2014 couture fashions when they hit stores next year.

From Contemporary Art-Inspired Runways to Modern Tribal Menswear: