From Sweet Brunch Dumplings to Fruity Chocolate French Toast

 - Jul 31, 2013
If you're planning a nice mid-day meal for your friends and family, then these simple brunch ideas will give you some great tips on what types of food to make that will have you satisfied without being too full.

Brunch is one of those peculiar meal periods positioned during a time of day that is after breakfast but not quite considered lunch. The types of meals often served during this period consist of a combination of breakfast-inspired items as well as some petite pastries and even sandwiches and wraps. A great way to keep your stomach satisfied before any big suppertime meal, these simple brunch recipes will surely have you craving this special mealtime every single day.

From gourmet breakfast sandwiches to thin crust pita dishes, these simple brunch ideas will have any foodie craving to make these delectable dishes at home.