The 'Warm Snug and Fat' Baked Brunch Looks Jaw-Droppingly Delicious

You can't go wrong with this 'Warm Snug and Fat' baked brunch. It has got everything that a well-balanced breakfast needs to be both delicious and nutritious. Filled to the breaking point with eggs, oozing cheese and ham shavings, this morning meal is meant for people with big appetites.

The 'Warm Snug and Fat' baked brunch recipe is based off the classic Irish meal of the breakfast roll. Traditionally, this breakfast item consisted of white bread covered with a spread and a breakfast fry of rashers, sausages and eggs. It was then eaten on the way to work or school; an old-fashion breakfast on-the-go.

Hopefully those who make this redesigned breakfast roll can sit down at the kitchen table and enjoy it rather than racing off to the office.