Cupcakes Benedict Places the Classic Egg Dish on Top of a Cake

Stefani from the delicious food blog Cupcake Project has done it again with this innovative confection entitled Cupcakes Benedict. From the moment bacon crossed paths with a stream of maple syrup on some lucky soul's breakfast plate, the morning meal would never be the same. That irresistible smoky, sweet and salty flavor combination has given rise to an endless parade of bacon-inspired sweets and these rise and shine cupcakes are no exception; however, these creative cups of cake may well be the first in history to sport a poached egg.

Swapping out a tired English muffin for a vivacious maple-infused cupcake, Cupcake Project has livened up the old diner classic and created a decadent salty-sweet symphony. These gorgeous golden cakes are topped with Black Forest Bacon and a plump poached egg. The entire petite dessert is then doused in a lush, velvety Maple Hollandaise sauce.

Cupcakes Benedict is without a doubt the naughtiest way to start your day, but these seductive cakes are most certainly worth the indiscretion.