The Doughmesstic Oreo Creation Puts Milk's Favorite Biscuit to Use

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: doughmesstic
If you were at a loss of words when you encountered this picture of the Doughmesstic Oreo creation that's perfectly normally. Any other reaction really wouldn't do this breakfast item justice and would be alarming. This concoction deserves to be noticed and to be thoroughly enjoyed by whoever makes it.

This recipe combines two of the best creations known to man: French toast and Oreos. Milk's favorite cookie makes a celebrity appearance in this scrumptious looking excuse for breakfast that will probably lead to diabetes in the future.

Imagine freshly baked bread brimming with Oreo cookies and drizzled with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. If you're planning to see a dentist soon after consuming this Doughmesstic Oreo creation, prepare yourself for some disapproving looks.