From Sparkly Sports Cars to Diamond Wrapped Watches

 - Dec 14, 2010   Updated: Apr 29 2011
When it comes to gift-giving for accessory fanatics, there is nothing more appreciated than shimmering gifts for bling-lovers. For those individuals, anything sparkling in light is addicting and often can be seen adorned with such lavish jewels.

So from sparkly sports cars to diamond wrapped watches, which of these shimmering gifts for bling-lovers are meant to shine in your world?

Implications - For me, I'd have to go with the $430,000 iPad. It might seem like a huge amount of money to sink into one gadget, but there is something unmistakeably alluring about a tablet clad in diamonds and expensive rare metals. The only problem is that it would be difficult to work up the courage to take something that valuable out of the house!