Goldstriker 3G iPhones

 - Jun 27, 2008
On TrendHunter, we featured the Gold & Diamond Encrusted iPhone by Amosu and Peter Aloisson's Princess Plus. Now, I would like to present the new 24k Gold and Diamond iPhone by Goldstriker. According to, the luxury versions will feature backs adorned with precious metals with the diamond edition featuring the Apple Logo encrusted with 53 brilliant cut bright white diamonds, totaling 0.36 carat in weight.

The gold edition will go on sale for $787, and the diamond edition will go for around $1,970. I know we are pretty pumped about this in Toronto, especially with the recent release of the iPhone in Canada. I personally won't be investing in this piece, but if I was looking to get robbed, this is the first thing I will buy!