From Blinged Out Headsets to Diamond Encrusted Smartphones

 - Dec 6, 2012
Ranging from somewhat pricey to extremely expensive, these lavish tech accessories marry functional applications along with fashionable design aesthetics. From gilded headphones and compact laptops to diamond-encrusted mobile phones, these opulent gadgets are sure to put a huge dent in one's wallet.

Today's obsession with technology is taking over many busy lives and is becoming an extension of who people are as individuals. While very few can escape its grasps, most tech nerds are embracing their gadgets and using them to make a style impression that is expressive of their personality.

Whether opting for blinged-out Beats headsets, $100,000 custom iPhones or diamond refrigerators, the world's wealthiest individuals are likely to drop some serious cash this upcoming holiday season.