The Computer Choppers Gold & Diamond Macbook Pro is Ultra Laptop Luxury

 - Oct 15, 2011
References: computer-choppers & mashable
If Midas, the king of the golden touch, ever got wind that Computer Choppers had created the Gold & Diamond Macbook Pro, you better believe he'd be wanting to get his metallic-morphing hands on one.

The alteration that blows out all other upgrades out of the opulent water is a customized classic Macbook Pro polished up with 24kt gold plating and pure diamond adornments. Previously, Computer Choppers offered a simple gold creation of the iconic laptop, but this time around they went bigger and more blinged-out than before, adding in swirled etching and a studded logo.

The Gold & Diamond Macbook Pro edition isn't exactly budget friendly for those looking to get a showy gadget, but if you do manage to get a hold of the gilded item it will surely be the best ice-encrusted Apple you've ever owned.