From Golden Desktop Gadgets to Solid Gold Miniature Tablets

 - Nov 8, 2013
Any tech enthusiast looking to splurge a bit on their accessories is in luck, because these gilded tech devices will offer up some luxuriously expensive items that are sure to make your wallet feel a tad lighter.

With technology constantly advancing every single day, new products and devices are constantly emerging to satisfy consumer demands. These gilded tech accessories in particular, are appealing to individuals who enjoy lavishly over-the-top features and extravagant designs, no matter what the cost might be. Featuring tech devices and accessories covered in gold with lavish accents and sleek designs, these gilded tech devices will surely have any high-end consumer completely intrigued.

From chic gold earbuds to $2,500 gold-plated smartphones, these gilded accessories are taking ordinary devices to the next level by outfitting them in the most extravagant and expensive materials around.