These Ancient Gold Zikmu Speakers are Divine

 - Nov 19, 2011
References: bornrich & ronrobinson
Parrot has once again given a facelift to the design of their famous Phillipe Starck Zikmu Speakers. This extremely limited edition version comes in a metallic gold finish, and is available just in time for the holiday season.

Its design may remind you of a sculptural piece of decor fitting for Greek gods, after all, they are called the 'Ancient Gold' Zikmu Speakers and represent the best in luxury sound equipment, costing around $2,200.

But if you can afford these gleaming jewels, they are definitely worth the price tag. There are only 20 of these handmade speakers crafted worldwide, which defines their exclusivity and value as a premium product. They also feature the latest in Wi-Fi technology for connecting to all your digital portables and boast an impressive, room-filling 360° surround sound.

Of course,they come equipped with standard features too, like the ability to dock your iPod for instance, but it's the sleek, slender, contemporary design of these powerhouse sound amplifiers that will have you desiring a pair for yourself. These new Zikmu Speakers are sure to look fab in any decor, so throw away those old clunkers and sit back and enjoy music the way King Midas would have, with a golden touch.