MacPro Bling Bling Further Increases the High Status of Your Apple Machine

 - Nov 6, 2013
References: martinhajek & yankodesign
Apple computer owners do tend to treat their devices like treasures anyway, but imagine possessing the MacPro Bling Bling? This would truly become the jewel in your home with its luxurious surface treatments that are quite unusual amongst electronics.

Designer Martin Hajek souped up the external Apple keyboard and computer mouse with soft gilded finishes, leaving the buttons of the former and the palm rest of the latter a lovely glossy white, as not to overdo the opulent effect. A large cylindrical terminal is included with the set and it's coated almost entirely in this light brassy finish. The tower offers a wealth of USB ports and other cable jacks too, and presumably the absolute best in internal hardware. The MacPro Bling Bling will certainly not leave you wanting.