Designer Stuart Hughes Has Made the World's Most Expensive Smartphone

 - Apr 14, 2013
References: elitedaily
Liverpool-based designer Stuart Hughes has created the world's most expensive smartphone. This iPhone 5 was custom made for a seriously insane price tag of $15 million. You could buy a dream mansion with that amount of money.

Nevertheless, this ridiculously expensive smartphone is justifiably priced. It was hand chiseled out of 135 grams of 24 carat solid gold with 600 flawless white diamonds set into the gold. This is just the beginning, as the screen has been made from solid sapphire glass and the home button is made out of a 26 ct. black diamond that happens to be one of the rarest black diamonds on earth.

This iPhone is absolutely stunning to say the least. I hope who ever bought this phone has great security and doesn't ever lose it.