Proscenium Black Diamond III is Luxurious Listening Equipment for Audiophiles

 - Jul 30, 2011
References: walkeraudio & gizmodo
Audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts may have just had their dreams come true with the release of the Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond III record player, which bears a $90,000 price tag. Walker have mastered the art of vinyl stereo sound with this model, offering the classic charming phonographic sound without any static or white noise. The player is set with a self-cleaning air bearing arm with 45 psi air pressure capabilities to achieve this clear and outstanding sound quality.

The black and gold-lacquered stereo weighs in at 250 pounds, and looks just as good as it sounds. The Proscenium Black Diamond III is proof that vinyl will always have a solid fan base, and remains the most sophisticated way to rock out.