Nokia Eco Mobile

 - Oct 14, 2008
References: techeblog
Nokia has been released a range of environmentally-friendly cell phones, and their latest is truly eye catching. Nokia’s eco team created a revolutionary mobile phone made completely of wood. Yes, you read right, made of wood.

The outer shell is made from harvested wood, unlike other phones whose covers tend to me totally made of plastic and metal. These other covers can be harmful because they have the potential to contain toxic materials. 

Before now, gadgets with wood coverings, like old television sets, gave a "sophisticated vibe". Today, however, we consider those retro devices very outdated.

The Nokia eco-team combined the technology of their modern phones with the simplicity and sophistication of retro aesthetics.

The wooden cell phone has an 8-megapixel camera, speaker and Bluetooth. It could one-up diamond and crystal studded luxury mobiles since the wooden phone actually promotes green causes. 

Environmentally-conscious consumers will definitely rave about this phone, however, for now it is just a concept.