iDiamond Headphones by Heyerdahl

 - Dec 16, 2007   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: engadget
The iDiamond earpiece designed by Heyerdahl jewelry, has 204 diamonds on 18 karat gold. Heyerdahl is located in Oslo, Norway. In addition to a wide selection of gold and silver jewelry, Heyerdahl offers pewter Viking vessels, drinking horns, and cheese slicers, as well as woodcarvings. The iDiamond headphones are priced at $6,400.

Implications - Since the release of the Apple iPod, consumers are becoming more and more attached to their MP3 players as an expression of their individualities. This has resulted in an array of iPod and MP3 player accessories, including skins, cases and embellished headphones. This helps consumers wear their preferences and personalities on their sleeves, which is preferred in today's selfcentric society.