The CES 2012 Covers a Variety of Innovative Phones

 - Jan 12, 2012
Luxury mobiles are taking over the tech world with the creation of custom cellular phones, designed to make a statement. These innovative mobiles are not only for the tech-savvy but also for the fashion-conscious. Aesthetics have become increasingly more important when it comes to technology. Tech is no longer solely based on convenience but is getting more and more elaborate when it comes to aesthetics. With the CES 2012 going on right now, it's good to stay on top of past developments to understand current designs.

From diamond-encrusted iPhones to custom fashion mobiles, cell phones are going beyond function with a focus on customization and high-end luxury. Million dollar phones are no longer a rarity with luxe materiality like precious metals, stones, crystals and custom apps. From fashionable phones to their chic complementing accessories, these magnificent mobiles are awe-inspiring when it comes to their aesthetics as well as their pricey cost. Perhaps the CES 2012 will up the ante when it comes to luxury phones!