Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Phone Revisited: Coming Soon For $300,000

 - Jul 23, 2006
In March, Trend Hunter introduced you to the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond phone. We liked the Black Diamond because it's one of the hottest designs we've ever seen. Now we have confirmation that the phone will enter into production AND we have a price tag. The catch: it'll run you $300,000. That's a lot for a phone that isn't actually encrusted with diamonds. Production will be limited th just 5 units per year.

This phone is powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 with a 2-inch displa and 400MHz XScale processor. The phone also includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 128MB of memory, an SD memory slot, and touch-sensitive keys.

Other over-the-top phones include: Goldvish $1 Million Diamond Phone, the $3,850 Vertu Ascent Luxury Phone, and the Dolce & Gabanna Liquid Gold RAZR V3i.