From Miniature Mammal Jewelry to Gourmet Cocoa Gemstones

 - Nov 2, 2012
These black diamond products indicate a sweeping shift in the adornment industry. Gift givers and brand developers alike are reconsidering the relevancy of classic clear diamond pieces. In its place has been the proliferation of these dark and ultimately expensive baubles.

Miniature mammal jewelery and gourmet cocoa gemstones have come clad in grey-scale shades. The sleek minimalist styles are captivating and moreover timeless, transcending decades and styles with the solid coloring.

Cell phone companies, technology hubs and even cosmetic labels are jumping on the black diamond bandwagon. As luxury, authenticity and exclusivity come together in the stones, they will continue to hit store fronts, auctions and online shopping sites, developing a new breed of precious stone aficionados.