Bling on the Holidays in Style

 - Nov 26, 2007
References: trendhunter
The hottest trend for jewelery this season? Going black. From rings to necklaces, bracelets and glitzy add-ons, the darker, the better.

Angela Neumann, a Vancouver-based designer of customizable, luxury jewelery says, "You can wear black jewelery anytime; it's timeless, it's elegant. It goes with everything. It helps you dress up or down."

"Just like you have the little black dress in the closet, you need the little black necklace for that eye-catching sparkle," Neumann said.

Ready to glitter your way through the holidays?

If you're into ultra-luxury baubles, consider investing in "carbonados," or black diamonds. They've been a hot commodity on the luxury market since their 1840 discovery in Brazil. Black bling is also great in the form of black titanium or tungsten. Imagine the mesmerizing beauty of a black titanium or tungsten engagement ring with a big, fat carbonado!

"Black has been used frequently in designs for the fashion world from everything from cell phones to black satin trench coats, boots and black on black attire," UC Daily News wrote.

"This latest trend doesn't just touch clothing and apparel, but has seen its course in jewelry as well. With the new craze of black being the color of choice among many people, jewelry designers have been featuring black diamonds and black titanium more often in recent design. David Yurman & Tiffany are now selling black titanium jewelry. Edward Mirell, well known for his collection of titanium jewelry, has designs featuring black titanium with black diamonds."

A sparkly black cocktail pairs just as well with jeans and a body-hugging turtle neck as it would with a fancy New Years gown. The options are limitless; black does go with everything, after all!

In the gallery:

1. Angela Neumann's hand-made eco-chic luxury necklace
2. Lanvin necklace with red, orange and purple accents from the Spring 2008 collection
3. Villa cocktail ring from the Spring 2008 collection
4. Dyroonne ring from Aldo Accessories
5. Jet Chandelier Pendant Necklace from Guess