Maya Bjornsten's Understated Bling

 - Apr 29, 2011
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Sparkling, diamond-studded accessories are the ultimate status symbol for many; however, following the economical crisis, it seems that understated luxury is preferred to ostentatious displays of wealth. This is where Maya Bjornsten finds her niche market.

In the past, purchasing diamonds was a complicated affair of closely examining cut, purity and size to get one’s money’s worth. Recently designers like Maya Bjornsten are moving towards more unique breeds of the stone, such as impure brown or black diamonds.

Taking it one step further, Maja Bjornstein's Rough Diamonds jewelry line showcases the stone’s unpolished and uncut state. These diamonds are beautiful and fascinating, mounted in 14K yellow or white gold with sanded finishing.

Maja Bjornstein's Rough Diamonds remind you that although the stone is highly coveted for its value and symbolism, diamonds are just another piece of mineral.