The Fashionable Volution Bluetooth Headset for Ladies

 - Sep 15, 2009
References: & newlaunches
For women who live and breathe on their phones, a bluetooth headset is a must-have accessory. But let’s face it: the often gadget-y appearance of a bluetooth set does nothing for a fashion-forward outfit.

Enter the fashionable Volution Bluetooth headset. Created specifically for the style-conscious woman, the fashionable Volution Bluetooth by Chinese designer Fandi Meng merges technology and fashion—finally! It looks like a gigantic spiral earring (circa the 80s) with a little red pearl in the middle. The pearl is actually a light indicator that shines when you receive a call. And when you do, all you have to do is tap it gently to begin talking.

Here’s to the next fashion re-Volution!