- May 15, 2018
The retail and purchasing experience has changed massively over the years, giving Generation X the opportunity to customize and individualize any shopping experience with retail innovations that are simplifying and gamifying something as simple as buying a t-shirt.

Adding AR to retail stores or online websites can offer all consumers an entertaining and immersive shopping experience, such as IKEA showcasing the future of brick-and-mortar retail by adding screens all over the store to provide a streamlined space for consumers to search products. Changing and replacing traditional packaging with recycled, upcycled, sustainable or biodegradable products offers brands a unique edge in the retail market for an admirable and endearing purchasing experience.

Using futuristic technology, changing the basic interior of a store, or adding a sense of gamification to shopping is creating a new type of retail innovation that targets the Generation X consumer.

From Interactive Purchasing Robots to Mobile Retail Alternatives: