'Gravy Live' Uses an 'HQ Trivia' Format to Help Brands Sell Products

 - Mar 14, 2018
References: gravy.live & producthunt
HQ Trivia's massive popularity throughout the past few months has made many consumers and app developers reconsider the possibilities of live-streaming content, and 'Gravy Live' is a new app that hopes to harness that gamified potential for brands. The shopping game show employs a simple yet addictive mechanic to get users to not only tune in but also make purchases.

The structure of Gravy Live is simple: every night at 8:30 ET, the app broadcasts a stream of its host talking users through that evening's product. The products range from tech accessories to clothing — virtually anything, depending on the brands interested in using the service. During the stream, users can purchase the product directly within the app, pulling from those that Gravy has in stock. Over time, the price of that product drops, so users are incented to stay tuned and try to purchase as low as possible. The trick is that users don't know how many products Gravy Live has available, so they need to decide how long they're willing to wait before pulling the trigger.