Depop's L.A-based Store is the Brand's First Brick-and-Mortar Effort

 - Mar 24, 2018
References: depop & hypebae
Depop's L.A-based store marks the first brick-and-mortar effort from the peer-to-peer clothing app.

Depop's first-ever store is hard to miss as its been stamped with the brand's signature red logo. The space's interior deviates from traditional secondhand shops, boasting a contemporary interior that's fitted with lush greenery, and a mix of neon colors and natural lighting. In order to work as a physical retail space, the brand had to adapt a consignment store model that consists of "staff picks," but local and independent clothing retailers will use the space to sell their curated vintage lines.

This physical store location is hoping to reshape the way consumers perceive online retail, through offering a secondhand clothing market that's rooted in the brand's peer-to-peer values.

Image credit: Fashionista