From Rainbow Brite Hair to Aurora Borealis Inspired Photos

 - Apr 15, 2012
This year prismatic polychromatic products have become the new black. Everything is getting a multi-hued splash of color -- the bolder and brighter, the better.

While springtime has often been regarded as the season to strip away the bland palette of the winter months, this has been expanded upon this year by mixing and combining every color of the rainbow all at once.

Eye-catching designs and rainbow-hued photo shoots are popping up everywhere and have been enhanced by adding an intensely saturated punch of pigments. Multi-tonal ombre hairstyles are among the more popular coif choices of the season while footwear is being kicked up a notch with a dose of 90s-inspired vibrant neon. Rather than choosing one hue in a photo shoot or one piece of clothing to stand alone as a statement, it is now acceptable and expected that one incorporate as many shades as possible