Mark Garry Creates Prismatic Art Pieces with Polychromatic Thread

 - Feb 11, 2012
References: & booooooom
Looking at these photographs of Mark Garry installations, you may be convinced these indoor rainbows were made by shining light through prisms. While that may be the easy way out, these pictures are actually depicting something much more sophisticated.

Each Mark Garry installation is created using a combination of thread, pins, beads and carved basswood. This explains how Garry is able to achieve a reflective effect, where thin ribbons of light are seemingly bouncing off room surfaces; it’s because it isn’t light at all. The effect is most impressive when Garry curves his rainbow illusions, giving viewers a spectacle that bends the laws of physics.

Mark Garry is currently based in Ireland, where he continues to churn out institution-based installation pieces. He carefully crafts site-specific works of art that most artists don’t have the patience or technical skill to execute.