'Unweave the Rainbow' is a Curation of Weird Neons

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: screamlondon & dazeddigital
'Unweave the Rainbow' is a terrifying jaunt through a hallucination.

The show explores man's attempt to force reason upon abstraction and force reason and imagination against one another. The result is a series of wildly colored paintings and haunting sculptural pieces. A particularly memorable piece is Scott Hove's cake work. The fluffy pink pastry is adorned with spikes and a ferocious wolf jaw. There were several artists involved in the show, including imports from Poland, the USA and China. Each brought their own cultural influences and neon inspirations.

Scream gallery is hosting the event. The gallery's site says, "Scream's exhibition programme maintains a strong Pop art and urban aesthetic and continues to promote established artists alongside innovative contemporary talent." Artists contributing to Unweave the Rainbow include Andrew McAttee, Cain Caser, Caroline Jane Harris, Jen Stark, Malgosia Stepnik, Scott Hove and Ye Hongxing.