Santtu Mustonen Illustrates Mesmerizing Ribbon-Like Patterns

 - Dec 15, 2011
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I never expected myself to be so entranced by what looks like ribbons of paint, but here I am staring at the beautiful artwork of Santtu Mustonen, trying to figure out how these colorful images were made.

Santtu Mustonen is an Amsterdam-based artist who specializes in creating psychedelic artworks that don't necessarily have discernible subjects, but nevertheless command the attention of its viewers. He's a master of warping and manipulating the media he uses to craft each picture, so the manner in which he contorts digital paint becomes the focal point of his pieces.

I'm still in total awe that Mustonen can even conceive of this highly individualistic brand of art. To be able to make ribbons of paint infinitely interesting to look at speaks of his genius as an illustrator and a human being.