Chris Newman is a Master of Illustrating Eclectic Concept Art

 - Dec 5, 2011
References: viviphyd & viviphyd.deviantart
Chris Newman, who also illustrates under the pseudonym Viviphyd, is among my favorite concept artists of modern times. The man can do astounding things with a pen tablet that most people with vivid imaginations cannot even conceive. It makes for a visual experience that's innovative, awe-inspiring and, to be quite honest, rather intimidating to up-and-coming artists.

The first thing that strikes viewers' eyes in these Chris Newman illustrations is its eclectic use of color. Daringly pairing together color combinations that others would deem risky, Newman somehow makes it work -- and work wonderfully well, at that. It gives his creations a futuristic vibe even when he's illustrating characters decked out in medieval gear.

What impresses me most about Chris Newman though is his ability to render these amazing images quickly and economically. Every brushstroke has a purpose and what may be a squiggle on its own is a necessary detail in Newman's pieces.