From Invite-Only Airport Eateries to Civilian Pilot Programs

 - Oct 29, 2017
From invite-only airport eateries to civilian pilot programs, the October 2017 travel trends seem to suggest that there is a significant effort to make travel a more personalized experience.

One way that airports are attempting to personalize the experience of each traveler that passes through is with exclusive perks. One example of this approach is an upscale eatery called Classified in the Newark International Airport. Another example is Bacardi and Virgin Atlantic's recent VR activation, which took passengers in Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse lounges on a virtual tour of the "best bars in the world".

However, this effort to personalize travel is not just limited to airports. Indeed, the October 2017 travel trends show that even airlines are making an effort to make their passengers feel special. One example of this is JetBlue's Gateway Select program, which takes those with a desire to fly and teaches them how to become pilots for the airline.