'Monarch Mood Food' was Designed by a Food Psychologist

 - Aug 28, 2017
References: blog.monarch & thedailymeal
Travel can be anxiety-inducing, but Monarch Airlines' 'Monarch Mood Food' is designed to help passengers relax and better enjoy themselves while flying. The airline food was crafted by molecular chefs from The Fat Duck Research Kitchen and Kitchen Theory to make specific moments on a flight nicer.

For many travelers, airline food only adds to the stress and general displeasure of flying. Monarch Mood Food aims to upend those expectations. The food box includes echinacea and liquorice ice cream to help reduce cold symptoms prior to takeoff, green tea and lavender mochi cakes to relax flyers during takeoff, and a savory nut bar before landing to give travelers energy for their upcoming adventures.

According to a study, a third of travelers can't relax until day three of their vacation. With the Monarch Mood Food box, every traveler should be able to turn off from day one.