The 'RueBel' Suitcase Eliminates the Need for Unpacking

 - Aug 24, 2017
References: marketersmedia & core77
The 'RueBel' aims to redefine the traditional carry-on suitcase by offering its users a level of user-friendliness that helps speed up the packing and unpacking process. The system allows travelers to place clothes directly from their hangers, onto embedded hooks within the case. Once you've arrived at your destination, users simply hang their suitcase, extend the hook mechanism, and attach it to the hotel-provided coat rack. Although it's designed to hang on the back of a closet, this carry-on luggage can also hang on the back of a door, hook, or be laid out flat, ensuring your clothes remain organized and crease-free.

Instead of focusing on a high-tech infusion, the RueBel addresses how one interacts with their luggage, upgrading the modern suitcase to cater to the needs of a frequent traveler.